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Photo of Greg Giddens

Greg Giddens

Greg is a senior executive with over 35 years of experience in engineering, management, leadership, procurement, and program management, with 16 years as a member of the Senior Executive Service. He has experience in establishing effective relationships with stakeholders across a broad spectrum, including OMB, Cabinet Agencies, Congress, and the private sector. Greg is a senior manager with extensive experience in implementing change management/business management and control systems in a collaborative manner – able to connect the dots between aspiration, inspiration, and results.

You can read more about Greg's background here.

Photo of Dave Grant

Dave Grant

Dave is a senior executive with over 34 years of experience in procurement, acquisition, program management, and leadership, with 18 years in the Senior Executive Service. He has experience in leading large and complex multi-functional organizations, program management, acquisition planning, budgetary formulation and management, program lifecycle management, strategic planning, and measurement of outcomes. Dave is seen as an experienced leader of organizations across multiple Departments as well as representing Agencies at OMB, the Administration, Capitol Hill, and Industry.

You can read more about Dave's background here.

Photo of Joe Nimmich

Joe Nimmich

Joe is a retired Rear Admiral, United States Coast Guard, and a former Senate-confirmed Deputy Administrator for FEMA with 40 years of experience with disaster management, maritime awareness, and operations. He had broad Executive responsibilities, working across DHS, DoD and other Federal Departments. In his extensive Coast Guard career, Joe had assignments across the country, including the First Coast Guard District in Boston, MA and the Joint Interagency Task Force South in Key West, FL.

You can read more about Joe's background here.